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The Cayo Perico Heist

GTA 5 Cayo Perico Heist - Help Guide

Time to make some millions of dollars in GTA 5 Online by playing The Cayo Perico Heist. This is the best paying heist in the game and people are making millions on daily basis.

The full heist along with the prep missions can be completed within an hour for professionals and 80 minutes approximately for the beginners. Practice make man perfect, in the beginning it might possible you struggle like me or every professional player in the finale, but after playing 2-3 heist you can complete it under 8 minutes.

Cayo Heist is all about planning your approach taking the best route, getting the best secondary targets, getting the primary target and escape. I will recommend to watch some of my approaches I used to complete the heist solo. It will give you the basic idea.

Cayo Perico Heist Primary Target

Below are the all cayo perico heist primary targets. A solution for all gta online players making question about cayo perico heist primary targets price.

Primary Targets Normal Hard
Panther Statue
Pink Diamond
Madrazo Files
Bearer Bonds
Ruby Necklace
Sinsimito Tequila

Panther Statue Cayo Perico

Cayo Perico Panther Statue is the top paying primary target among all others. It was introduced on May 20th GTA Online Update by Rockstar. All players were able to scope Panther Statue as the primary target once it was released, however its rare and occasionally appears on special events on weekly update. The probability of appearing Panther Statue in Cayo Perico is similar to the Diamonds appearing in the Casino Heist. 

The Cayo Perico Panther statue is worth up to $2.09 million when you select ‘Hard’ as the difficulty. The theoretical highest possible solo take for Panther Statue Hard Mode is $2,640,000 assuming you get $100k from the hidden office safe, $450k from Cocaine secondary loot and elite challenge.

Cayo Perico Heist Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond in Cayo Heist is the second most profitable primary target after the Panther Statue and it is also rare. The Cayo Perico Pink Diamond is worth up to $1.43 million when you select ‘Hard’ as the difficulty. Stealing a Pink Diamond from the Cayo Perico Heist in hard mode solo take of $1,850,855 including the secondary targets, elite challenge reward and the $100k from the hidden office safe.

Madrazo Files Cayo Perico & Bearer Bonds

Madrazo file or bearer bonds in Cayo Heist is the third most profitable primary target after the Pink Diamond. It worth’s up to $1.1 million on normal mode. Only the bearer bonds gives you $1.21 million on hard mode.

How Much Is The Ruby Necklace Worth Cayo Perico

GTA 5 Cayo Perico Ruby Necklace is worth up to $1.1 million when you select ‘Hard’ as the difficulty. It is common to appear just like Bearer Bonds and Tequilla. 

Cayo Perico Heist All Secondary Targets

  • Gold       – $492,876-$499,788
  • Cocaine – $441,000-$450,000
  • Weed     – $389,280-$398,040
  • Artwork  – $352,4‬00-$399,400
  • Cash       – $313,920-$357,680

Best Secondary Targets Cayo Perico

While playing the GTA Online Cayo Perico Heists, every player wish to maximize the profit. Secondary targets plays an important role to increase the loot or profit. The best secondary target is the Gold, Cocaine and Weed which gives the best value of loot. Artwork is better than cash, cash is the lowest secondary target avoid it.

GTA 5 Cayo Perico Elite Challenge

The dream of every player to complete the Cayo Heist in an Elite Way. Elite Challenge in Heists gives you extra reward of $50,000 and $100,000 on hard mode. There are different ways to complete the Cayo Perico Heist Elite Challenge. Below I will mention some steps for everyone to follow to complete the heist under 9 minutes easily.

Longfin & Drainage Tunnel Approach

Head to the main docks, loot the secondary targets first if playing solo, then take the same boat and go to drainage tunnel entry point. Once you get the primary target, exit the El Rubio compound, go straight kill the guard, take the bike and move towards left direction, jump into the sea and swim way from the island. Here you go. Do Visit to GTA Blog Section For More Quick Ways of Making Money in GTA Online.

Kosatka Drainage Tunnel Approach

Best For Solo & Two Players, Enter direct from the drainage tunnel, get the primary target and loot inside the compound if two players, if playing solo, you need to go to main docks for the secondary targets. Then Take the boat and leave the island.

Cayo Perico Heist Alkonost Approach

Jump from the plane open parachute and try to land near the gate of compound, don’t enter in the red zone cone in the map, it will alert the alarms and guards. Take the North Gate Entry point, loot the primary target, exit the compound, then go to main docks get the secondary targets and escape the island through the boat. Remember if playing with two players, simply loot inside, exit the compound, take left jump in the water and swim away from the island. The solo will take around 12-14 minutes while two players will take less than 8 minutes.

Velum Approach Cayo Perico

Guard Uniform – Remember if you find good secondary targets and uniform cloths at the airport, hangers always select this approach and enjoy. While selecting this approach do not forget to select support crew “Weapon Stash” before initializing the heist, otherwise as soon you will land the alarms will trigger. Once you land take left and move to hanger, get your weapon bags, get the best secondary targets, take out the guards, change cloths and move to the El Rubio compound, you can drive straight no guard will recognize you.

Cayo Perico Helicopter Approach

Don’t use Patrol Boat, its too slow. Avoid Stealth Annihilator Helicopter, there are two drop zones the helicopter will drop you, and it will take time to sneak past the guards resulting the failure to meet Elite Challenge.

Cayo Heist GTA 5

Longfin Drainage Tunnel Approach

Cayo Perico Alkonost Halo Jump

Velum Approach Guard Uniform

Drainage Tunnel Kosatka