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The Diamond Casino Heist

Diamond Casino Heist - GTA Online

The Diamond Casino Heist

The Diamond Casino Heist is a complex and highly rewarding mission in the world of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). In this heist, you and your crew will plan and execute a robbery of the Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos.

To get started with the Diamond Casino Heist, you’ll first need to purchase a high-end apartment that includes a planning room. This room serves as your base of operations for organizing the details of the heist. Once you have the apartment, you can visit the planning room to kickstart the heist.

In the planning room, you will meet Lester Crest, a seasoned criminal who will assist you in orchestrating the heist. He will guide you through the preparation stage, where you’ll need to gather valuable intel on the casino, recruit a crew, and procure the necessary equipment. It’s crucial to carefully choose your approach and team members, as each option has its own advantages and challenges.

During the heist itself, you’ll navigate the complex security systems of the casino, disable alarm systems, and carry out various tasks depending on your chosen approach. These may include hacking security doors, drilling through vaults, or taking out guards strategically.

Successful completion of the Diamond Casino Heist promises a substantial payout, allowing you to reap the rewards of your meticulous planning and execution. Keep in mind that communication and coordination with your team are key to accomplishing this daring feat.

GTA Casino Heist Aggressive

Diamond Casino Aggresive Approach

This approach is usually recommended for three players, as there is an increased resistance from the very start of the heist. Players enter the casino with full force using advanced weapons and explosives making their way in the underground vault. Best way is to enter through the sewer tunnel. You need to scope it in intel mission. By this approach you enter directly in the underground basement near the vault.

How To Do Silent and Sneaky Casino Heist

In the Silent & Sneaky approach players enter the casino undetected, having the most time in vault to steal and escape with the least resistance. The entry points in this approach can be roof terrace, helipad, waste disposal and staff lobby. Players are given with stun gun to disable metal detectors and camera. With the EMP prep mission and Infiltration suit prep mission, one of the player can shut down the power supply which lasts a minute. Possible benefit using EMP are reduced enemy vision, disable metal detectors and cameras.

The Big Con Diamond Casino Heist

The Big Con Approach – Players uses Disguise approach to enter the Casino as maintenance staff, pest control or as other contractors including the security guards. Like the silent & sneaky approach, you can enter the vault without alerting the alarms. All you need to pay attention and stay away from the radius of guards and alarms. If you get in radar of any camera or guard, the alarms will alert and it will be difficult to get out of the situation as you only have small pistols as defense in this approach. 

In case you choose approach Gruppe Sechs you will act as a bank security guards, you can fast run to the vault even in front of the casino guards. No alarm will trigger until you make safe loot from the vault before the given time.

Casino Heist Scope Out Locations

To successfully scope out the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA V, it’s important to gather intel on different locations within the casino. Here are some key areas you’ll want to focus on during the scope out mission:

  1. Main Entrance: Take note of the security personnel stationed at the main entrance, as well as any security features like metal detectors or surveillance cameras.

  2. Staff Entrance: Look for any potential access points for you and your crew to enter the casino discreetly, such as employee entrances or service tunnels.

  3. Security Office: Locate the security office within the casino, as this will be a crucial area to disable security cameras and access the security system.

  4. Vault Contents: Gather information on the contents of the casino’s vault, such as the amount of cash, artwork, gold, or other valuable assets stored inside. This will influence your planning choices for the heist itself.

  5. Guard Patrols: Take note of the guards’ routes and schedules. Identifying their patterns will help you plan your approach and avoid detection.

  6. Access Points: Look for possible entry and exit points, such as doors, windows, or ventilation shafts. Finding multiple access points will provide you with options during the heist.

Remember, the scope out mission is crucial for planning your heist effectively. The more thorough you are in gathering information and identifying potential obstacles, the higher your chances of success. Good luck with your preparations!

All Access Points For Casino Heist

  1. Main Entrance of the Casino
  2. Side Door on the right of the Casino
  3. Side Door on the left of Casino
  4. The Garage Door of Security tunnel below the race track
  5. Sewer Tunnel 
  6. Top Roof Access Point 1 (Helipad Area)
  7. Top Roof Access Point 2 (Beside Helipad)
  8. Roof Terrace – Keypad Door On Right Side Behind The Bar
  9. Roof Terrace – Keypad Door Near to Pool
  10. Roof Terrace – Keypad Door 1 When you jump on left side from the pool area
  11. Roof Terrace – Keypad Door 2 When you jump on left side from the pool area

Casino Heist Points of Interest List

  1. Security cameras inside the casino
  2. Security cameras outside the casino
  3. Valet at the main entrance
  4. Casino vault blue prints at the casino management office
  5. Security guard inside  casino at the elevator
  6. Keypad besides the chip exchange counter

How Much Money Does The Casino Heist Give You


The total payout in the diamond casino heist depends on the vault scope. It may be Gold, Artwork, Cash or Diamonds (Rare). In most of the cases cash is very common and it gives the lowest payout in total. Gold & Diamonds pay the most. Players doing Casino heist for the first time will always get the cash as vault scope.

Diamond Casino Heist Elite Challenge

The Elite Challenge for the Diamond Casino Heist is an optional objective that requires you to complete specific tasks within a set time limit. To complete the Elite Challenge, you typically need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete the entire heist in under a certain time limit. This time limit can vary depending on the specific heist and challenge requirements. It usually requires efficient planning, communication, and execution to complete all objectives swiftly.

  2. Avoid getting detected by any of the security cameras during the mission. This means you need to carefully navigate the casino, using hacking devices or other means to disable cameras and avoid suspicion.

  3. Escape the casino within a set time limit after completing the heist. Once you have completed your objectives, you’ll need to make a swift and successful getaway without being caught by the authorities.

  • Aggressive Approach (Don’t Die, Complete Under 15 Minutes, Get 80 Headshots)
  • Silent & Sneaky Approach (Don’t Die, Complete Under 15 Minutes)
  • The Big Con (Don’t Die, Complete Under 15 Minutes)

Fingerprint Casino Heist

In the diamond casino heist fingerprint hack, timing and perfection play a crucial role. Firstly, it’s important to be quick when unlocking the security doors inside the vault. This is because the amount of time you have to loot in the vault is limited, and you must exit the area before time runs out to avoid triggering the alarms.

Failing in the fingerprint hacking process can be costly, resulting in a loss of 35-50% of your money. To maximize your chances of success, it’s recommended to have at least one good hacker when playing with three or four players. They can focus on unlocking the doors while others proceed with the heist.

Additionally, as a useful tip, if you’re playing with two players, both should be skilled hackers. This ensures that both players can efficiently handle the fingerprint hacking tasks. Lastly, for practice and preparation, you can purchase your own hacking device from the heist planning dashboard. This will help you become familiar with the process and improve your hacking skills.

Casino Heist Escape Route

  1. Main Entrance – You can simply run out of the main entrance of the casino and make your escape. However, this route is heavily guarded, and you may encounter a lot of resistance from the security forces.

  2. Staff Lobby Elevator – If you’ve chosen the staff lobby as your entry point, you can use the elevator located in the staff area to access the ground floor and make your escape. This exit is relatively easier as it is less guarded compared to the main entrance.

  3. Security Tunnel – If you’ve chosen the security tunnel as your entry point, you can exit through the same tunnel. The tunnel is located beneath the racetrack and stretches all the way to a parking lot behind the casino. This exit is a discreet option as it allows you to avoid most of the casino security.

  4. Roof Terrace – If you’ve chosen the roof terrace as your entry point, you can use the helicopter on the rooftop to make your escape. This exit requires a pilot who can safely navigate the helicopter through the city and avoid any potential threats.

  5. Waste Disposal – If you’ve chosen the waste disposal as your entry point, you can exit through the same area. This exit requires you to pass through a sewer system to reach the outside. It offers a discreet escape route if you can navigate through the sewers without alerting the authorities.