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LS Drug Wars

LS Drug Wars Update now available for GTA Online players as part of 13 December 2022 Update. This update introduces new Story Missions, Freerode mission, and a new business to manage. Los Santos Drug Wars also introduces a number of experience improvements, including visual, economy, and creator updates.

How To Play Drug Wars in GTA Online ?

To start the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC in GTA Online, you need to load yourself into the game. A call from Ron will come, meet him at Ace Liquor when you have the time. Head towards “R” on the map. You need to make sure you’re outside any of your properties or any location for the call to come.

Make your way to Liquor Ace and go inside. This will give you access to the first DLC mission, so make sure you have plenty of snacks and ammo ready before starting the first mission.

The Freak Shop

The Freak Shop Business is free of cost for all players. To unlock The Freak Shop, you need to complete All the 6 First Dose Dax Multiplayer Missions. Players can visit anytime to launch new First Dose Story Missions, store and modify new Acid Lab Business. Moreover, purchase and modify Mk II weapons, as well as other social activities. Players can only park their vehicles inside the Freak Shop.

How To Unlock Acid Lab Business in GTA

After completing First Dose Story Mission and stealing the necessary lab equipment, visit the Freak Shop and you can install the Acid Lab as an upgrade in the rear of the new MTL Brickade 6×6 vehicle. This way players can unlock access to a new Acid Lab business.

How To Hide Contacts in GTA Online

Now players can hide unnecessary contacts on your phone, open the Interaction menu. Under the Inventory you will see the Phone Contact Favorites. Here uncheck the contacts, which are not required. Later you can unhide too.

All New Vehicles in Los Santos Drug Wars


    • MTL Brickade 6×6 (Acid Lab)

    • Manchez Scout C (Motorcycle)

Legendary Motorsport

Drug Wars DLC New Cars


    • Annis 300R – $2,075,000

    • Overflod Entity MT – $2,355,000

Southern San Andreas Super Autos

GTA New DLC Drug Wars Vehicles


    • BF Surfer Custom – $442,500 – $590,000

    • Zirconium Journey II – $592,000 – $790,000

    • Declasse Tulip M1-100 – $1,658,000