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How To Complete All 6 First Dose Missions

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All 6 First Dose Missions in GTA Online

First Dose Missions – There are 6 “First Dose” missions that players can access from the GTA Online public lobby, Invite Only or Solo Lobby. Players will get a call from Ron and he’ll invite to the Ace Liquor. The First Dose missions starts when players reach Ace Liquor and step into the yellow indicator circle. It’s important to note that the story missions are rumored to be part of the drip feed content that’s due in coming weeks.

In the first cut scene of the LS Drug Wars, three new GTA Online exclusive characters (Dax, Luchadora, and Labrat) will be introduced. All three are members of Fooliganz. This gang aims to take over the drug trade in and around Los Santos.

GTA 5 Drug Wars Missions

  • First Dose 1: Welcome to the Troupe
  • First Dose 2: Designated Driver
  • First Dose 3:- Fatal Incursion
  • First Dose 4: Uncontrolled Substance
  • First Dose 5: Make War Not Love
  • First Dose 6: Off The Rails

First Dose 1: Welcome to the Troupe

  • Take out the Lost MC.
  • Go to Dax
  • Recover Dax’s stolen Journey
  • Pick up Dax from Liquor Ace
  • Take Dax to the abandoned warehouse.

GTA Online The Designated Driver Mission

GTA Online Dax Mission 2
  • Go to Jetsam Terminal, find and steal a truck cab
  • Collect the party supplies
  • Deliver the party supplies to The Freakshop
  • Go to the Lost MC Clubhouse
  • Search the Lost MC Clubhouse for their plans
  • Take a photo of the plans
  • Find the bag
  • Steal the Lost MC’s weed

GTA 5 Fatal Incursion Mission

How To Land Dodo in the storm drain - First Dose 3
  • Go to Stab City
  • Destroy the Lost’s property
  • Go to Millar’s Fishery
  • Search Millar’s Fishery for Lost’s meth
  • Steal the Dodo & Land in the Storm Drain Near Freakshop

Dax Mission 4: Uncontrolled Substance

  • Follow Dax
  • Go through the gateway visualizations
  • Go down the rabbit hole
  • Chase the rabbit

GTA 5 First Dose Mission 5: Make War Not Love

GTA Dax Mission 5 - Destroy Delivery Vans GTA
  • Go to the hippy camp
  • Destroy the lab equipment & Delivery Vans
  • Go to the Altruist Camp & Destroy the Delivery Vans
  • Leave the Altruist Camp

Off The Rails First Dose 6

First Dose 6 Train Crash Site in GTA Online
  • Go to Humane Labs
  • Use the keypad to unlock the door
  • Go to the loading bay
  • Search the loading bay for intel
  • Take a photo of the Humane Labs inventory manifest
  • Search the loading bay for the chemicals in the boxes
  • Reach the switching station before the train
  • Steal a cutting saw from the tool bag
  • Search the train crash for the chemicals
  • Steal the Brickade 6×6 & deliver to The Freakshop

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