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GTA 5 Halloween Update How To Find Jack O Lanterns

GTA Halloween Pumpkin Locations 2022

GTA 5 Halloween events are now in full effect in the game. The Halloween Event runs between October 6th – November 1st. As Rockstar said in their latest updates “hundreds of jack-o’-lanterns appearing across the game. Players who find 10 of these will get the Horror Pumpkin mask (see it below) and a bonus of $50,000 GTA$. Players who collect every single one in a single day will get “rare items” and another cash injection, but Rockstar warned that players should “watch out for the tricks…”

Earn 2X GTA$ and RP for playing Alien Survivals, all week long. It’s likely that Rockstar will add more Halloween-themed items in the next few weeks too, so keep an eye out for that.

Where To Find Jack O Lanterns

Track ten of these pumpkins down in a single day to unlock the Horror Pumpkin mask and a daily GTA$50K bonus. Getting 200 pumpkins in one day is a lot of work. Don’t worry though, as a few people online have already managed to track them down

For each pumpkin you collect, you’ll get either a trick or treat effect. Treats are nice, and can include some snacks, 1000 RP, £5,000, full health and armor, or a peyote transformation. A trick could be an energy blast which will send you flying, an instant high, or an explosion that will probably kill you.

All Pumpkin Locations in GTA Online Halloween Update 2022

New Halloween Costume Masks

The War Mask is available to claim by logging into GTA Online any time between Oct. 6th-12th. The Gray Vintage Mask is a Frankenstein mask you can earn in-game through a special event. Go to the Smoking Room in Record A Studios to test out LD Organics’ newest weed strain. This begins a special mission with Lamar and Franklin — complete the Short Trip mission to earn this classic Halloween mask.

GTA 5 Halloween Additional Discounts

  • Vapid Ellie – 50% off
  • Canis Crusader – 50% off
  • Dewbauchee Exemplar – 50% off
  • Enus Huntley S – 50% off
  • Dewbauchee Specter – 40% off
  • Nagasaki Outlaw – 40% off
  • Dinka Veto Classic – 40% off
  • Vapid Dominator GTT – 30% off
  • Western Deathbike (Arena) – 30% off

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