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GTA Halloween Update 2021 – Slashers & Phantom Vehicles

GTA Online Halloween Update

GTA Halloween Update– Halloween Updates are available in the GTA 5 Online game. As added by the Rockstar Games, reports of Phantom Vehicles and Wild-eyed Slashers Stalking Victims. The three new events added in the game are

  • The Slashers
  • UFO
  • The Phantom Vehicle
GTA UFO Location and Time - Halloween Update

How To Find UFO Location in GTA

UFO sightings over Los Santos are intensifying in coming days. The UFO is approaching to Los Santos making changes in weather. Radio signals are scrambled.

The UFO Locations changes on every day, by the time they are getting closer to the city. Get a helicopter, oppressor or a hydra to look for it. The UFO in GTA Online Free Roam between the in-game hours of 10 PM and 3 AM. By Date October 21- 28 locations are moving steadily south, edging closer towards the Los Santos.

GTA Online Slasher Attack Special Reward – GTA Halloween Update

GTA Halloween Update - Slashers Location

Slasher will appear on mini map at time between 9PM-5AM in-game time with red dot, and some random sound and music will appear when you pass close to them. Make sure to fight back if a Slasher attacks you on the streets this week. If you manage to kill your assailant in self-defense, you’ll receive the rare Twilight Knife T-shirt for free.

It will be added in 72 hours after you login after November 1.

How to Find Phantom Vehicle in GTA Online Halloween Update

Phantom vehicle with no drivers can appear randomly at time between 9PM-5AM in-game time. There should be 2 players at least in the session. Free roam outside on foot. The Phantom Vehicle will try to hit and put you up with fire leading death, be careful and enjoy Halloween.

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