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Now Play as Taxi Driver in GTA Online

Taxi Business GTA Online

Taxi Driver GTA Online – “Looking to solidify your career with the Downtown Cab Company? Then invest in your very own taxicab, and buckle up for reviews like “Noisy engine, but the vibrations are fun. 3/5”, “Why does it smell like cured meat? 2/5” and “Driver blasted Rebel Radio, ran red lights, and flipped the bird at anyone within 20 feet. 5/5. Would recommend.””

The taxi is available to purchase from Warstock for $650,000. This drops to $487,000 with the trade price. If you don’t have a taxi even then you can still start taxi work jobs. Complete 10 fares in a row to unlock the trade price. Moreover players are now able to pick up fares, ferry them around Los Santos, and make some money for their time and efforts. Logically you need to do 400+ taxi missions to get return of your GTA Online money.

How To Start Taxi Business in GTA Online

To start The Taxi Business, you must either visit Downtown Cab Co or use a Taxi you own. Taxi work can also be accessed by pressing Right analog of your controllers when driving a Taxi you own. The fares usually give you $100 to nearly $2,000, depending on your efficiency. At this time Taxi business are fun to play, unfortunately the payouts and time efforts are not up to the mark.

All players looking for quick money method in GTA Online should concentrate on The Cayo Perico Heist. Remember players cannot modify the Taxi. They need to request the Taxi through Peagsus.

Taxi Business Rewards in GTA Online

  • Complete Ten consecutive fares: Taxi Trade Price and 5 Star Ride Award
  • In addition complete Ten Stunt Jumps in the Taxi Business: Willard Eudora’s Downtown Cab Co livery
  • Finally 50 Fares in Total: Unlock the Classique Broadway’s Downtown Cab Co livery, Taxi Driver Award

GTA Online Taxi Unlocks

This week of February 2023, Rockstar has introduced some more unlocks and money earning methods in GTA Online as below.

  • Owners of the Taxi (and those who purchase it through February 8 from Warstock Cache & Carry) will receive the Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar shirt.
  • Complete 1 fare during Taxi Work to receive GTA$100,000.
  • Earn GTA$20,000 from Taxi Work to receive an additional GTA$100,000.
  • Earn GTA$40,000 from Taxi Work to score the Mustard Vinyl and Mustard Vinyl Cut jackets, and GTA$100,000.

If anything new changes occurs, we’ll update this page accordingly, so keep checking back for more.

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